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To make it even easier, we offer a consignment program of artwork for evaluation, and purchase finance options. Within the Netherlands selected artworks art work art hand delivered with advice on hanging-placement or installation (internationally we freight artwork and provide advice via video calls.)

You can scroll through our complete collection of available art. It’s an easy process to make your acquisition online., We accept payments via Mollie with Bank Transfers, Credit Cards and PayPal. If you reside in the Netherlands, we offer free delivery within three working days. We are pleased to quote shipping costs for countries outside the Netherlands with possible including tariffs and insurance.

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Gallery Mcsorley


Gallery mcsorley

Delivery & payment

To top it off, we offer an application program of illustrations for evaluation and purchase financing options. Within the Netherlands, artworks are delivered by hand with advice on hanging installations. You can select many from our collection of available art through our website. It is then a simple process to purchase your final artwork online. We accept payments via iDEAL and PayPal. All deliveries in the Netherlands are shipped free of charge. We would like to inform you about shipping costs, import tax and insurance for shipments to other countries.