Mothers in white

Oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cm

Jacques Tange (1960, NL) is a painter who completed his education at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam. Continuity and the repeating process of a deeper evaluation are characteristic elements in his development as an artist. Inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages, he uses his own imagination and humour to create present-day themes. The ornamentation and his typical use of bright colours are applied with the use of archetypes and metaphors. What’s shown to us is a remarkably closed world. The use of intimate, soft light creates a characteristic atmosphere.

Compositions are built up like a piece of music, with repeating images and rhythm in a certain lay-out. Recognizable themes regularly return in his artistic work about the relationship between man and woman, the urban jungle and the isolation of the human being. In a melange of patterns in sultry reds, candy greens, and vivid blues, Tange creates delightful vignettes of a life more playful than the ordinary, with imagined cityscapes and sunny neighbourhoods, romantic evenings and languid summers. Punctuated by the charming and recurring appearance of feline figures, Tange’s art exudes a certain cheer, carefree sensuality and charismatically lackadaisical spirit. Coy and aloof, the cats assume a fullness of personality that equals that of their human companions. Tange’s human figures display simplicity of features, while their postures and body language truly reveal the character of each. In a candid and light-hearted style of representation, he paints curling clouds, cerulean-coloured cats and medallion-like suns, creating a vivid world like that of a boundless stage set or landscape of imagination. Vibrant and fanciful, his paintings possess an aesthetic rhythm and balance of composition that is carried through each work. Tange has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, and has recently been selected as “the most promising.

Jacques Tange (1960, NL) is een schilder die zijn opleiding aan de Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Rotterdam voltooide. Continuïteit en het zich herhalende proces van een diepere evaluatie zijn kenmerkende elementen in zijn ontwikkeling als kunstenaar. Geïnspireerd door de verluchte handschriften uit de middeleeuwen, gebruikt hij zijn eigen fantasie en humor om actuele thema’s te creëren. De ornamentiek en zijn typische gebruik van felle kleuren worden toegepast met het gebruik van archetypen en metaforen. Wat ons wordt getoond is een opmerkelijk gesloten wereld. Het gebruik van intiem, zacht licht zorgt voor een karakteristieke sfeer.