Invitation to Christmas meeting Gallery McSorley with new books, December 17th

Invited Christmas gathering Gallery McSorley with new books by Christian Oerlemans “Waking Nights” & artists + gift ideas, 3 p.m., Dec. 17

We would like to invite you to the Cultural Christmas gathering in our gallery on Sunday, December 17 from 3 pm. The wonderful ongoing exhibition on display with a thousand gift ideas to discover from € 60, on top is the latest work in Silkcolor(c) technique by Will Kellermann. ‘Messages from another World’, her flamboyant message of love and hope, which fits so well with the Christmas spirit.
And of course there are smaller Art pieces that make heartwarming Christmas gifts. Art has the power to express emotions and tell stories. Art creates a space that reflects your personality, a space where you can express yourself and surround yourself with objects that have special meaning. But what’s special is that a new book will also be presented by author Christian Oerlemans, the man who came up with “Even Apeldoorn bellen. Christian has already written many books, thrillers, novels, poems and, of course, books on advertising and art. His latest work is called “Waking Nights,” a book of 18 riveting stories that span pretty much an entire lifetime.
Just as Will Kellermann’s latest work is being presented at Fine Art Gallery McSorley, her husband’s latest work is now being presented here and signed for you. A unique event, to which I would like to invite you.

For fans of Jaap Hartman’s bronze sculptures, there is brand new book coming out for the holiday. We are showing Ad Arma paintings series “About Nature”; a timeless message of positivity. Also on display are works by Sabine Lintzen, Mari Mészáros with glass art and a selection of classic jewelry by Ans Hemke Kuilboer, among others. Enjoy Sunday, December 17 starting at noon, in festive Christmas spirit, with snacks and drinks. We hope to see you there! Donald McSorley, Will Kellermann, Christian Oerlemans. The exhibition runs from November 4 through December 24.

Will Kellermann’s Silkcolors© have their own identity in which a sparkling play of colors and shapes are created in a professional and spontaneous way. One of her important themes was the heritage and freedom of women. Her paintings are often packed with symbolism and tell stories about the earth, people and spirit. The deep and rich colors are achieved by painting transparent colors layer upon layer using specially developed techniques. Will Kellermann uses high-quality Chinese silk as her canvas. Her flamboyant Silkcolors© are unique and show light and depth in a brilliant and magical way. Her paintings are owned by collectors in Europe, the Middle East and America and she has won several prestigious awards. The purity of silk inspires Will Kellermann to express deeper feelings. She discovers herself in the mysticism of the world, man and spirit. Her unique Silkcolors© speak of dreams, secrets and unsuspected forces in our nature. In the many layers of paint we recognize the layers of the soul, luminous, colorful, open and intimate. She says, “Silk has a will of its own, the living material whispers to me images that I work into unique scenes with the properties of the noble material and special techniques.” During the Festive Vernissage, three new booklets about her work will be baptized: Silkcolor© – Oil and Watercolor, design by Jan Boswijk.





Jaap Hartman at the Rijkskunstacademie he discovered his passion: he wanted to become a sculptor. ‘In sculpting you work from the inside out, with blobs of clay. This creates an open image. Working from the inside out, the form gradually takes shape. According to Jaap; “That is my style, my handwriting”. Those clay sculptures Jaap casts in bronze. His figurative sculptures show that he remains true to the basic idea that sculpting is working in and with space.





Mari Mészáros, her glass sculptures are the ultimate metaphor of what man is: the enigma of an accumulated past, explained or further mystified by a creative mind and captured forever in a glass work of art. “I make it out of glass, a material that is fragile like man and strong like humanity.”







Art Deco Brooch with 3 diamonds 5.20 ct. together and sapphires set in platinum
Ring set with .80 ct. cushion cut diamonds and sapphires like diamonds all around together 2.30 ct.





Amethyst necklace of oval faceted amethysts set in 18 ct rose gold and amethyst brooch set with ten 0.9 ct. diamonds, hallmarked in France, circa 1860


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